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Even if your air conditioning unit has been serving you for quite a long time, you can still make it function efficiently and effectively by exercising proper maintenance. When your air conditioner malfunctions, it is a clear sign of dirt and neglect. If you do not want its performance to depreciate, it is important that you check for possible obstructions that may prevent it from functioning as it should. When you perform regular maintenance, you can be sure that your comfort will not be compromised.

Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Clean Or Replace Filters Regularly

You can ensure your unit’s efficiency when its filters are cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. When it is neglected, proper air flow is deterred, as dirt blocks the system. Your energy consumption will also increase when your filter is clogged. Although there are filters that are reusable, most of them should be replaced. It is recommended that you replace it every month or every other month.

Check The Coils For Obstructions

Coils also collect dirt, which reduces airflow. As a result, your unit’s ability to absorb heat will also be reduced. This problem can still be prevented if you check your evaporator coil and this should be done every year. You must also clean it so it will not continue to collect dirt.

Unclog Drain Channels

Your air conditioning unit will not be efficient enough to reduce humidity if its drain channels are clogged and it can also result in excess moisture that develops mold and mildew.

When To Call A Professional?

When your air conditioner cannot function anymore, you need to hire a professional to check the problem. It is important that you choose a well-trained technician that can dig deeper into the problem. A technician is expected to ensure that there is a correct amount of refrigerant. He will also test if there are any refrigerant leaks with the use of a leak detector. You will be informed if additional problems are detected such as leaked duct, sensor problems, electric control problem, drainage problems and many others.

If you have bought a brand-new unit, make sure that it is properly installed as problems with air conditioners are often rooted from incorrect installation. You should only put your trust in qualified service technicians so your unit’s efficiency will not be impaired. In case there are some slight problems with your air conditioner, have it checked before the problem gets worse.

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