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Laundry Renovations


From the Dreaded Laundry Room into the Funky Cool Family Room

Families have been downsizing their homes for several years now because of the state of various countries’ economies. There are a lot of sacrificing that goes into the downsizing process. A lot of personal space is lost and given up. Amazingly though, the laundry room is not one of those sacrifices typically. A lot of houses have a huge laundry room that is used for laundry and extra storage, because it is the “laundry room”. A few laundry renovations can completely reutilize the space and change it from being just the “laundry room”.

What custom space area does your family miss the most? The family room that used to be a favorite hangout? A place for dad to watch the game and the kids to veg out on computer games? There are really thousands of options because every family is unique. Every family room is unique to suit the needs and tastes of the family living there. I had a house once where we had a dog grooming station in the laundry room because we were breeding poodles that needed groomed every couple of weeks. We made a few laundry renovations, and then we had a place to bathe, dry, and groom the poodles that was set up and ready to go without affecting more public areas of the house. The same ideas can be applied to your laundry renovations to make it into the space that you truly need it to be. Enclosing the machines, a new tv, and some gaming systems will go a long way towards revamping the space and making it dual purpose and not the dreaded laundry room that everyone avoids like it is the plaque.

Children and teenagers may even be enticed to fold the clothes before their friends come over to play video games on the big screen tv in the new family room that was created with the Laundry renovations. If the space is large enough to go all out, then maybe you can add a bar and a pool table. If you keep some sodas in the fridge behind the bar then your whole family can utilize the space to it’s fullest potential and have a place to truly spend some time together that you would not have had before some creative repurposing renovations to your home. The renovations should focus on creating what elements are missing in your home and giving them a place to manifest for your family.