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What makes a good shed?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realise that they need some extra storage space. However, not every home comes ready made with a garage so you may have to arrange the purchase or building of a sheds in order to safely guard your tools and items safely. Most sheds serve not only as a utility function but as an integral part of your garden’s overall aesthetic. Nobody wants to see some horrible old, grey mess running the look of your garden. So we decided to investigate just what features make a good shed.

You must be prepared when getting a shed in order to make a purchase that you will not regret. Different models come with different specifications. They have variable features such as strength and resistance to the effects of the weather. However, in general there are four different categories of sheds which are commonly purchased. They are overlap, tongue, groove and shiplap. Each of these provide very different degrees of strength and weather protectiveness. When you come to make the choice between them, you should firstly consider the reason why you want a shed in the first place.

You will find that the cheapest available models are overlaps. What this means is that planks are used to build the shed and they overlap with one another. The strength of this type of model depends on how thick the wood is. It is paramount that you make sure that the planks are at least 12 mm in width so that it is strong enough. The next type of shed is the tongue type. This means that the planks used to build it actually lock into each other. This makes the overall shade structure very tough and resistant to all sorts of poor weather conditions. The downside is that it takes more manpower to build such a structure so you can expect to pay up some more money for their trouble. Finally we have the shiplap shed which is exactly the same idea as the previous two models except that there is a shiplap put between each of the boards making sure the seal between them is extra tight.

It is not so simple as to directly divide them into several distinct categories of quality. It depends on how much you wish to spend which ultimately dictates how good your sheds is going to be, so there are plenty of options if you are on a tight budget. Just make sure to ask the provider so that you get what you need.