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Digital TV Antennas


Choosing Digital TV Antenna

There are many other factors which determine which one is the right digital TV antenna for receiving digital signals. Your digital TV signal strength may depend on your proximity to the source of programming or local TV tower.

Even the terrain can affect the quality of signal strength. Tall skyscrapers, trees, hills, mountains and huge buildings can block digital TV signals and reflect them away. If you live in close proximity to where the television signal is being sourced in a city, you can make do with an indoor antenna.

Indoor and Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

Indoor TV antenna can pick up digital signals without any effort. Indoor digital TV antennas are usually multi directional which means these antennas have the ability to catch signals in all the different directions simultaneously.

However, if you live in a village or a semi-rural area which is located far away from local TV stations, you may have to invest in outdoor digital TV antennas for boosting the signal strength and transmission. Outdoor antennas are generally roof mounted or can be used on the terrace and are unidirectional.

Again, if you wish to receive the best possible reception, you shall have to search for an amplified digital TV antenna, regardless of whether it is intended for outdoor or indoor use. Non amplified antennas are shaped like a flat wing or a bunny ear or are rectangular and are intended for multi directional, indoor use. Amplified antennas come with power cords that need to be plugged in.