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Violence against Women in Australia – Statistics

One of the problems family lawyers have to deal with is violence against women. When women are victimized, often no complaint is lodged. So the statistics that we have are not complete. Crime and particularly violent crime against women forms a major part of the total crime in Australia. A lot of this violence occurs within the home of the victim, and is perpetrated by people she knows well.

Violence is the major cause of deaths in the country. In 2009, the total expense on domestic violence was $13.6 billion. This is equal to the cost of building 30 stadiums every year.

Partner or Spouse

This is the most common form of violence experienced by women all over the world. It is the intimate partner who abuses the women he lives with. Almost 33% of the women are beaten, coerced, or raped. Pregnant women are more often the victim. Many women experience violence for the first time during pregnancy. About 1/5th of the homicides are perpetrated by partners.

In about 1/4th of the cases, children have witnessed violence against their mother, step mother or other female members of the family.


61% of the reported cases of domestic violence involved women who had children to care for at some point. 32 – 53 % cases are families where the woman and her children are abused by the same person. In 90% of the cases where women have been abused, the crime has been witnessed by children. In one third of the cases, the children have been hit while they were trying to protect their mothers.