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Water Damages At Home

Faulty roof plumbing can be a major source of water damage to your home. The reasons for defective plumbing include corrosion at the joints of pipes due to rusting, failure to clear obstructions in the gutters and downpipes. An additional problem may be due to the use of dissimilar material in the entire plumbing system. Different metals have diverse expansion rates and this factor could contribute to cracks in the system. It is essential to take the assistance of plumbers to sort out these issues.

Rising Damp

The ground water below a home may rise up the walls due to capillary action. This is the cause of rising damp. It is crucial to position a damp proof course on the underside of the floor. This forms an impenetrable barrier against the ground water. A damp proof course placed beneath the floor may break down in course of time. Additionally, concrete paths constructed against the exterior walls of the building and just above the damp proof course may cause the moisture to seep into the building. The problem can worsen, if the path slopes towards the house.

Rain Penetration through Walls and Roofs

Dampness on the inside walls may occur when the exterior brick walls receive direct rain. The use of under baked bricks and poor bricklaying unite to form poor quality masonry.

Water Efficient Taps

Water efficient taps are highly desirable in all parts of the house for conservation of water and energy. Always choose taps with the highest WELS rating. The only place where you don’t require a water efficient tap is the bathtub.

Backflow prevention is necessary in plumbing. Check this out!