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RM Williams


The Comfort of RM Williams Boots

One of the finest boots that are made in Australia is from RM Williams. The company has been in the leather business for a long time and they know what makes a pair of boots comfortable and durable yet stylish.

How shoes are made by RM Williams

First, they only select fine leather for each section of the boots. For instance, in their elastic-sided boots they only use the one piece leather which is softened full-grain leather. To ensure that the wearer will not get blisters from the first time they wear their RM Williams boots, they break in the boots by using a geometric lasts designed by Williams himself. This break-in process will stretch the upper portion of the shoes. In this way, the boots will immediately conform to the feet of the wearer.

A polyester bound core elastic is utilized for sewing which makes the boots very comfortable. A strong bonded nylon thread is also utilized to double stitch each boot to hold the elastic and then they close it with just one seam at the back of the heel. Then they finish it off by adding a RM Williams tag at the back of the boot for an easier way of pulling-up the boot. Each pair of boots is made for than a week to ensure quality.

Soles used by RM Williams

The soles are very important when it comes to boots. Even if high quality leather is used but if the soles are not good, the boots will not be durable. The welt soles are used to make the boots very soft and comfortable. You can use it for all-day walking without causing any discomfort because the sole construction begins with one-piece upper blocked to shape and then closed with one seam at the back. A polyester bound elastic thread is used to add more comfort. Your feet will feel nothing but comfort because vegetable tanned leather insoles are used so your feet can breathe. RM Williams also utilize thermo-plastic laminated toe stiffeners to protect your toes and to prevent the boots from getting out of shape. Molded heel are added to stiffen the heels and these are inserted between heel linings for durability.

Waxed threads are used for sewing the soles, which also adds softness, comfort, and durability to the RM Williams boots. To cover the nailing, leather heel sock is used and for shock absorption, rubber top is added on the heels. Up to now, brass screws are still used by RM Williams in making their soles. As a result, boots are more comfortable and durable. Those are the process that every pair of boot from Williams goes through…they are hand-crafted to achieve the quality that every wearer deserves.