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When Should I Procure Council Permission for Placing Skip Bins?

If you want to place a skip bin on a street outside your home for the general betterment of the society and neighbourhood, there are several aspects you will have to consider prior to it. When you decide to hire a skip bin you may have to apply for certain regulations and council permissions. This is especially true if the place you have shortlisted is not directly owned by you. Learn more about when you need to procure council permission for placing skip bins or skip bin hires.

When you want to place a skip bin on a road owned by the council

If you have shortlisted a part of a street or roadway that is not owned by you even if it is right in front of your house, you will first need council permission. Skip bin hires are easy to obtain however the hiring agency may need proof that you have the required council permissions.

Skip bin hire agencies need to be careful from their end too that the location of the skip bin is protected, safe and hassle free in terms of local regulations and legalities. Furthermore, when you choose skip bins at a particular place you will have to make sure that you arrange for the necessary bin or garbage collection procedures too otherwise the entire process or idea will be a complete waste.