What to Look for When Buying Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds have the capacity to change your home’s overall look. One can even say they can make or break the place. Designer Blinds, Perth’s supplier for excellent curtains and blinds, sources materials and fabrics that make for the best products. So, before being overwhelmed with an array of choices, here are some considerations you should make when buying them:

Curtains and Blinds

Type to choose

Each has its certain charm. Curtains can lend an airy look and feel to the room due to its lightweight material. It can make the room brighter and fresher in one’s eyes. Blinds, on the other hand, have the capacity to make spaces look more structured. They are more functional as they offer light control. They are also sleeker and minimalist in their designs.

Colour and Fabric

Choosing the right fabric and colour for your curtains and blinds is of utmost importance. Your chosen fabric and material will show how they will fare over time. Light and airy fabrics may easily fade due to heat and sunlight, whilst heavier fabrics tend to be weighed down over time. Choose fabrics and materials that can cater to your needs. Determine its ability to block light, keep the indoor temperature, and softness. Carefully evaluating such options may also factor in in the maintenance of these window treatments as well as their lifespan.


The length of these window treatments determines the overall feel of the room. They can add height to the room by elevating the panels higher than the window itself. Elevating these window treatments can also make the room look bigger and brighter. Meanwhile, puddling curtains, especially those that are longer in length, can add a sense of luxuriousness and drama to the room.