Why Choose Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Service

Amongst other air conditioning manufacturers, Mitsubishi proves to be the most trusted name in the industry for many years. Founded in 1921, the company continues to provide the highest standard of quality and reliability. It offers some of the most energy-efficient systems we enjoyed, making it the equipment of choice by many architects and installation contractors.

Below are some of the reasons why people prefer Mitsubishi air conditioning service:

• Energy efficiency

There is no doubt, Mitsubishi has led the way with huge advances in energy efficiency through improvements in its inverter technology, refrigerant, compressor design and control solutions. Modern air-conditioning units are also designed to adapt to seasonal changes.

• State of the art controls

Whilst building solutions and technology continue to develop more advanced systems, so does the controls. The brand offers state of the art control most especially for building and office solutions. It has created the ideal control system through advanced management, web-based integration, industry-standard protocols and energy conservation measures.

• Extensive product range

Whether you need a system for your home or an office building, there is a perfect solution tailored to your needs. Commercial building, large schools and residential complexes can take advantage of Mitsubishi Electric’s dynamic systems for optimum comfort.

• Easy installation

Known for its easy and convenient system installations, the brand offers ductless air-conditioning systems perfect for flexible placement whilst ensuring to provide quality service.

• Eco-friendly

The brand’s innovative and fast-paced development has not only improved energy efficiency but also its effects on the environment. Mitsubishi Electric products are designed to reduce carbon footprint, reducing harsh impact on the environment.

Most units can be made to recycle waste within a property. For instance, exhaust energy that comes from your system can be connected to a heat exchanger for hot water storage.

• Requires minimal maintenance

Products are proven to be highly durable, thus, will keep on working ensuring service efficiency. In addition, these high-quality products won’t require much maintenance which saves lots of your money.

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