How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Workplace?

Blinds can greatly affect the overall look of a commercial space. However, most people tend to overlook the value of these window coverings. Whilst curtains are the most common and most accessible types of treatment, cleaning them can be quite time-consuming. Opting for custom-made blinds would seem to be a great alternative. They’re a more practical and professional-looking, giving your workplace a neat and modern vibe.

When it comes to choosing the perfect blinds for your office, there might be numbers of factors you must consider aside from style and colour. With hundreds of brands and companies catering various choices at different price ranges, how do you choose the best amongst the rest?

Below are some tips you might want to consider before buying your office blinds:

  • Research about the functionality

Each type of blind is designed to serve certain functionality. Rollers, for instance, are easier to operate whilst Venetian and vertical offer more control over sunlight and privacy thought their tilting blades.

In addition, fabric, such as sunscreen blind, also have an added advantage as it can effectively provide protection without sacrificing your view outside. This is great for offices with nice views as it can boost the productivity of your staff.

  • Know more about the culture of the company

When it comes to the personality and culture of your business, it is highly essential that all employees should be on the same page and should feel the same vibe. By simply incorporating designs such as paint, furniture, and even window coverings, you can actually build a sense of unity and vibrant environment in your office.

  • Consider your interior

The overall interior of your commercial space can either make or break you. To avoid the latter, it is best to create a mood board highlighting elements such as colours, images and textures, that might help to set the emotion you want to achieve. For best results, you can compare the fabric of your choice to your mood board. That way, your blinds will surely complement your interior.

Ede Shade Solutions offer a wide range of styles, from vertical, panel and Venetian blinds, for every individual style and décor. Add a sophisticated and stylish appeal to your office and contact them today.