Benefits of Day Spa

If you are feeling irritable and short-tempered, then probably you are under an intense kind of stress. What you need is a pampering at a day spa. It is good to give yourself a break and avail of the various services such as body massage and facial or scalp treatments. These will invigorate your senses and will help lessen your stress. People who are under stress have a tendency to have a negative relationship with others because of their short-temperedness. You can benefit a lot from a day spa as your over-all well-being will be pampered. Listed below are the many advantages of a day spa and how it can help improve your mood, disposition, and your inter-personal relationship:

1) A good massage will increase the level of your happy hormone which is referred to as serotonin. This is a hormone that makes a person happy and always positive in outlook. But certain factors such as stress can deplete this hormone. No worries because if a person is in a relaxed state, the serotonin increases and gives the person a good mood. Spend time at day spa and increase the level of your happy hormone.

2) A good massage will improve the blood circulation. If the blood properly circulates, more oxygen is delivered to the various tissues, hence, the nutrients from food are deliver3d properly. This in turn makes the person healthier and more active. So improve blood circulation by engaging some time at a day spa.

3) Are you physically active? Do you suffer from body aches that no amount of pain killers helps in the alleviation of pain? Then you may be having an accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles. These lactic acid can be removed through massage and stretching. So indulge and choose a massage that not only elongates and press the pressure points, but also the one that involves stretching such as Thai massage which is available at a day spa.

4) Spa facilities like sauna bath and whirlpool have a calming effect to the senses. You can spend a half hour or even more at the lukewarm water of the whirlpool and you will instantly feel rejuvenated.

5) Feel confident after a facial massage as the dead skin cells are removed including blackheads and whiteheads. Your skin will appear more radiant and glowing after a facial treatment at a day spa.