Diving Resort in the Philippines: Best Sites in Sangat

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life by taking a plunge in the best dives sites in Coron and staying in a diving resort in the Philippines. Here are the best spots known for their vast marine life that you should explore:

Barracuda Lake

A dive to Baraccuda Lake guarantees days filled with underwater thrills and expeditions for divers of all levels. Near Kayangan Lake, this place is famous for its Thermocline. Since it has a mix of fresh and salt water, its temperature greatly varies. Some of the marine creatures you may spot whilst in the area are barracuda, gobie and grouper.

Sangat Sub Chaser

If this is your first-time to dive in Sangat, then you should visit this place.  There’s no strong current, so beginners like you won’t have a hard time taking a plunge. No wonder snorkelers are often found in this area, too. It is home to a vast selection of marine life and corals as well so it’s a must-visit.

Irako Maru

For adventurers who love challenges, they should dive into this area. One of the site of the biggest and deepest wreck in Coron, Irako Maru is full of shelves, cliff drops and wreck ships. There are also a vast species of corals in the area.

Just make to hire a professional diver if you want to penetrate the deck level of the vessels.

Scuba Diver

Blessed by unique underwater topography, Sangat island offers diving opportunities to suit all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field, you can find a dive spot here.

If you don’t have any idea about diving but want to try this activity, then don’t worry. There are a lot of diving instructors which can teach you everything you must know about this water sport. There are also resorts that lease out their diving materials. You can rent equipment like a body suit, mask and snorkel in the resort.

For more information on how to make the most of your deep-water adventure, visit the website of Sangat Island Dive Resort, a premier diving resort in the Philippines.