Why You Should Get a Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

The movies make it seem like getting a root canal treatment is the worst thing to ever exist on earth. Many people on screen are even seen yelling and jumping out from their seats. However, this could not be farther from the truth. In fact, this treatment helps remove the pain a patient is feeling, not cause them one.

For those individuals who may have been experiencing pain, this might just be the best solution for you. Here are some symptoms to take note of:

Tooth Pain

Even the strongest man can feel weak when his tooth is in pain. This is usually the first sign that you need to get your root canal done. The teeth of patients typically get more sensitive and painful when they eat, bite down or when a certain level of pressure is applied.


Just because you have sensitive teeth doesn’t mean you need to get a treatment right away. In fact, there are plenty of individuals whose teeth are prone to experiencing some level of sensitivity when their pearly whites are exposed to hot or cold food or drinks. However, if these elements are not in the picture and there is still pain involved, then it may be time to seek treatment right away.

Inflamed Gums

What are inflamed gums? Take a good look at your teeth and gums. The gums near your painful tooth may be showing symptoms that it is experiencing pain and pressure. Common symptoms include having swollen and red gums with some bumps on them. These indicate that there is severe decay inside the tooth, thereby affecting the surrounding area.

Decay and Discolouration

When your teeth rot due to the presence of cavities, the very enamel of your teeth can be destroyed. The bacteria spread to your nerves, killing the pulp within. When this happens, your tooth can experience darkening or discolouration.

These are some warning signs you should be aware of. When you experience tooth pain, again and again, it may be time to get a root canal treatment. Go and call Endodontic Group today to schedule an appointment.