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Laboratory Supplies

Members of the lab offer courses of instruction in their field of interest under the different departments of the university. Courses for graduate students include the operation and use of the machines, and numerical methods;academic credit for the courses may be obtained by registering with theuniversity in the usual manner.

Special classes in the operation of our machines are given at regular intervals to professional people, visiting scientists and graduate students working for their doctorate degrees.

Laboratory Product Supplies

Laboratory products are designed to reduce collection times as well as laboratory costs. Laboratory products are rather expensive and a number of laboratories and research facilities might find difficult to buy these. In such instances, used laboratory coagulation analyzers are ideal alternatives. Laboratory coagulation analyzers are basically used for coagulation and fibrinolysis testing.

Centrifuge separates solid particles from liquid. Slowing down the supply rate may improve the effeciency, cleanliness and clarity when the liquid is uncovered to the force.

Most of these systems come with features such as automatic coagulation timer, plastic tray, thermal shakers, stirrers and incubators. Laboratory products are given a certian period of warranty. We strive to achieve even greater heights to the benefit of our company, employees and customers with commitment and continuing supports. Research has been successfully completed in many fields of science at the laboratory by members of the staff and visiting scientists. Another function of the Queensland laboratory is the dissemination of technical information concerning mathematical machine methods and tables.

Laboratory products are highly effective in the treatment of dental problems. The company offers a wide array of laboratory instruments and equipments including crucible tongs, beaker tongs, flask tongs, medicine spetula handle, laboratory spetula one side spoom etc. Extensively used for various medical and surgical processes, our laboratory products are manufactured in conformation with international standards. Besides, we are one of the most reliable laboratory products manufacturers in Australia. Laboratory products are listed and more details are in our catalogue. Our Laboratory supplies are distributed by ADC dental in Australia.

Equip your labortatory with proper air conditioning system.

Easy reconfiguration and greater access to plants with plant growth cabinets.

Plant growth cabinets use the latest in technology. Its energy efficiency is responsible for the low cost in operation. The power consumption of plant growth cabinets is minimum. It thus promotes stability in environment. The refrigeration system of plant growth cabinets is intelligent enough as it starts work only when needed.

Most plant growth cabinets have digital timers. As a result it can simulate both day and night temperatures. Plant growth cabinets have light bank of independent variety. So you can use it according to your needs.

Each of them has lamp banks which are water proof and expandable. The spectrum of light falls in a balanced way on all locations.

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