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Motor Accident in Australia – Some Statistics

Accidents come with high associated costs like impairment/ destruction of life and limb along with damage to equipment, personal belongings and infrastructure. The government has been trying to raise awareness amongst citizens for preventing the occurrence of motor accidents. Efforts have borne fruit as the number of deaths from transport accidents have decreased each year. The Australian bureau of statistics makes it a point to record, assimilate, compile and publish all news of national accident figures.

Major trends in motor accidents

2012 Road toll in New South Wales showed that 370 people had died on the road. This is an increase of only 2% from last year. The encouraging fact is that this rod toll is the lowest one recorded since 1932. This figure also represents a major fall in road fatality since 2011.

The deaths by motor bike accidents disappointingly increased by 18 percent as compared to last year. 2012 saw 60 deaths due to bike accidents as compared to 51 deaths in 2011.

There was an overall increase in the road toll by pedestrians, passengers and motorcyclists.

Passengers (non drivers) involved in Motor accidents are supposedly more careless about following safety instructions. This is reflected by the increased number of passenger deaths from 73 in 2011 to 81 in 2012 which is an overall increase of 7%. Pedestrians appear to be equally indifferent to safety considerations as reflected b the 10% increase in pedestrian fatality rate.

The annual report in 2008 showed a 40% dip in the accident rate even though the national population had increased. Since then accident rates have been steadily declining.