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Musculoskeletal Injury


What Comprises A Musculoskeletal Injury?

Intense physical overloads, too much strain on particular part of the body over a period of time etc lead to musculoskeletal injuries. It is common for athletes and professionals in strenuous jobs to suffer from musculoskeletal injuries. Males between the age of 15 and 40 are generally considered to be at high risk of injury.

While tendons and muscle tears take time to heal, the body can eventually get back to its original form. However, when a person suffers severe fractures or multiple fractures, it may take years for the body to heal completely and retain its original form. Foot injuries and ankle injuries among athletes and working staff are the most common kinds of Musculoskeletal Injuries. These injuries can take place because of extreme loads, sudden slips, falls or even company negligence in the form of uneven surfaces.

Other illnesses or problems associated with victims

Intense medical care and attention is required over a long period of time to treat patients. The most common external problems associated with musculoskeletal Injuries include but are not limited to the following:

Sudden decrease in overall strength, slower nerve impulses, slow down of metabolism, decrease in bone mineral density, decrease in collagen levels, reduction in cardio-respiratory and other associated functions, reduction in overall glycogen storage etc.

You must claim compensations if someone is responsible for your injury.

Slips and Falls

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