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Where to Relocate After Divorce?

Divorce is a traumatic and emotionally taxing time especially when there are children involved in the marriage. Your family lawyers will provide good legal counsel and emotional guidance in these taxing times and show you the way out from the complicated circumstances. It’s advisable to be fully truthful and honest to your lawyer if you want to benefit from his services.

What is a parenting plan?

A parenting plan is a formal written agreement that fixes certain kinds of arrangements about the upbringing of the child/ children. Since this plan will be fixed in accordance to the wishes of both parties preferably in presence of a lawyer you won’t need to go to court. Unless there are contrary legal instructions then you and your partner can also change the plan according to your changing preferences. Remember the parenting plan is not legally enforceable and differs considerably from parenting orders issued by a court.

You should opt for a parenting plan only if you trust your ex-partner and have a civil relationship with him/her.

What if spouses don’t agree on relocation?

If there are circumstances compelling you to move and your partner refuses to understand/ appreciate the logic behind your moving don’t worry you have other options. You can apply to the court for a relocation order which is like a legal permission for you to move.

Remember that the court may or may not grant permission. There are strict laws about the nurture and care of children and the court will put the welfare and the best interests of the child before making its decision.