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Kinds of Injuries Occur in The Workplace

Burns and resultant scars are often the side effect of working long hours in the lab, kitchen or factory. The burn often leaves behind a painful scar which can take months to heal completely. If you have been the victim of burns then you should seek immediate medical help to minimise the risk of infection.

Compensation lawyers will advise you to take photographs of before and after the incident so that you can submit the evidence in your Common Law claim.

Diseases caused by Asbestos

The side effects of working in an environment polluted by Asbestos are not immediately apparent so they cannot be classified as “injury”. However home builders, construction site workers and plasterers know that the effects of asbestos exposure develop over years and can be life threatening. The law requires such people to wear protective equipment while working.

If you have been diagnosed with Asbstosis or Mesothelioma you should consult workers compensation lawyers to know your legal rights.

You will probably have to visit a radiologist and a pulmonologist to check the extent of internal damage.

Loss of Hearing

If you are working in an environment that has constant noise pollution then you are prone to developing deafness. Common professions that are susceptible to loss of hearing over time are workers occupied in heavy industries, construction sites, people working in recording studios etc.

If you are claiming for compensation due to work related deafness you have to have sufficient evidence to support your claim.