Advantages And Disadvantages of using a Mortgage Broker

Many people like to have services of Mortgage Broker when they are in hopping in the market for shopping something mortgage. In recent years, many questions have been raised towards them whether are beneficial towards the customers or not at all. Remember one thing for sure, always work with experienced, mortgage broker, not with a newbie but, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making up your mind which is as follows:


• Some people exclusively work with mortgage broker having full relied on them that they will bring the suitable client to them so you can say they have far more access than you to the market and better approach as well. A mortgage broker has contacts with many lenders of different varieties, which you don’t even know about. If you don’t take their service then you have to call all of the lenders by yourself and compare the mortgage terms and your budget. So, it saves a lot of hassle and much headache.

• Time and Money saving as there different kind of fees involved in mortgages when working with a new lender like application and processing fees, appraisal fees, etc. Often, mortgage broker makes the lender waive some amount or full amount of fees which can save you a lot of money.

• Mortgage brokers are providing their services to you free of cost because they would only be paid when the loan or deal is approved and signed. The whole back-end work and assistance would cost nothing of the deal is broken afterwards.


  • A mortgage broker’s aim is to get into that deal where their compensation or profit would be maximum as they are being paid a fee by lenders for landing in business to them. So, when you are finding someone with the lowest fees and affordable rates then it’s not always true.
  • It is a myth that brokers always get you the best deal in the town. Although most brokers would try to convince you that they looking out for your best interests but they only work for their commission. Often broker would incline you towards some loan scheme that would pay him the highest commission in fact.
  • While explaining you the offer from the lender mortgage brokers often use the term estimation that means perception or doubt. Because after finalizing the deal many times lenders change their term and may end up having higher rate or fees which is totally broker’s misconception.
  • Before finalizing one, just make sure you have done your homework and research properly and then here you go!