Pool Repairs: Common Signs of a Leaking Pool

Homeowners like you, hate the idea of swimming pool repairs. Of course! Who would love to deal with these things? Much like cars, pools are expected to last for years, or even a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are times when issues pop out.

Whether your new home comes with an unmaintained pool from a previous owner or your newly build pool flooded from heavy rains, leaks can happen even at the most unexpected time.

What are the signs?

Some of the water can be lost naturally as evaporation occurs. However, when the volume drops constantly, chances are, there is a leak. To give you an idea, below are some signs that you might need a repair:

  • It loses more than ¼ of water a day. The most common sign of leakage is a lower water level. Although splashing can be another reason, seeking advice from an expert can be the best option to avoid serious problems.
  • There’s water on the floor. Soft spots and uneven grass around may indicate a problem with your underground plumbing.
  • Increased water consumption. Leakage isn’t just about losing water, it also means losing money. If you notice an increase in your bill, you might want to call the specialists for leak detection.

Why is leak detection service important?

A small issue in your walls or pipe can lead to large water losses, which can cause serious issues on your structure. To avoid possible loss resources, a regular schedule of monitoring should be prioritised.

Leak detection services are composed of a skilled professional with the knowledge and experience to identify and resolve all types of leakage issues without sacrificing the overall structure. Hiring these experts is vital to avoid a wrong decision that may result in greater damages.

Why hire Experts?

With years of experience, Seek-A-Leak offers a complete line of highest quality swimming pool leak detection, swimming pool repairs, and services. Situated in Parkinson, Queensland proudly servicing Northern New South Wales to Rockhampton, the company aims to provide exceptional service by combining top-quality personnel with extraordinary expertise.