Prescription Glasses


Before you shop online for a prescription glasses, there are important things you have to prepare. You would need to get a prescription from your eye doctor, you can either ask your optometrist to email the prescription to you or have it faxed. You need the information written in your prescription when you place an order online. Make sure your prescription also have the Best Corrected Visual Acuity (BCVA). This information is vital to make sure that your glasses will be prepared right for you.

You will also need your papillary distance, most of the time this is included in your prescription; if not, ask your doctor to measure it for you. Although you can measure papillary distance yourself using a ruler there may be a risk of incorrectly measuring it. It is recommended to have an expert do it for you. The papillary distance is used to align the lenses to your eyes to make sure that you will have a clear sight when using the eyeglasses.

Once you placed the order online and received your glasses, make sure to take care of your eyeglasses. Keeping it in a dry and cool temperature will avoid damage to the lenses, clean it by using a non lint cloth. Visit your eye doctor once a year to make sure that your BCVA is accurate at all times, this will make sure that your prescription glasses are still correct for you.

To have medical prescribe glasses you need the help of an eye doctor. Where to find one you may ask yourself or maybe you might want to employ one just because you don’t trust anyone else. At indigo consulting you can find variety of health recruitment options to help you with your new medical practice.