Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

Whether you’ve just moved into your new home or you’re sick of your faulty electrical system, you shouldn’t ever try to install, maintain or replace it on your own. And with business going digital, it’s now easy to go online, search for an electrical company and hire the right electrician for the job.

Here are important questions for you to spot the right person for the task:

Are you licensed?


A professional licence serves as evidence that the person who’s going to be working on your electrical system has gone through proper training to become qualified for the job. Remember, even residential properties have very complex electrical wiring systems. There are numerous safety hazards involved in this kind of job.

And since it involves your home and the safety of everyone living in it, you want to make sure you hire the ones that have the skills, experience and equipment for the job.

Are your services insured?

When hiring the services of any businesses, you need to make sure your rights as a customer is protected. An insurance prevents you from becoming a liability to any property damage or medical fees in case a worker gets injured whilst on the job.

After all, the company you hired assured you of a safe and quality service. Therefore, it is only their right to shoulder any expenses in case an unlikely situation happens.

Do you have any contact references?

A good way to know if the company really provides the quality of work they advertise is through contact references. Listen to what their former clients have to say. Where the experts professional at all times? How long did it take for them to complete the job? Would their former customers consider hiring them again in the future?

Where can I read reviews about your company?

Another way to do a background check on the electrical company is by reading online reviews and testimonies about their services. Remember, professionals welcome all types of feedback, whether good or bad.

Hiring Brisbane electricians aren’t something that should be done impulsively. Learn to be smart with every investment you make. Visit South East Electrical Services’ and have your system checked or installed today!