Tips for Choosing a Halter Dress

Silver Chef offers Rent-Try-Buy scheme to help you use and then buy equipments at your own convenience. The scheme offers a twelve month agreement during which you can buy any of the equipment that you are using.

You get a whopping seventy-five percent refund of your rentals if you purchase the equipments within the year. You can return the equipment at the end of the year or just continue with it. If you purchase the items after one year, Silver Chef offers suitable reduction in your purchase price.

With Silver Chef Master Agreement, you can hire additional equipments any time during your year-long agreement tenure without paying additional documentation fees. See Silverchef rent to buy

However, while signing your initial agreement, you must deposit a refundable security amount equivalent to thirteen weeks of rentals and a processing fee of $195. Also, rentals must be worth minimum of $1500 in a year. Your agreement starts from the day the equipments are install ed in your restaurant and you make your first payment after one week of delivery.

Don’t buy what you don’t need. As you gain experience and your restaurant expands, you will be sure of the exact kitchen and serving equipments that you will use regularly. Do not block your hard-earned capital by purchasing items you will seldom use or buying more in quantity than you require.

Just contact Silver Chef and hire from them as and when you require. Also try out the latest equipments to understand their suitability for your restaurant. You can always buy the items later when you have more money or when you are sure of their regular use.