How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar power is a type of environmentally-friendly energy that harnesses sunlight and converts it into electricity. It has become a popular option for people who want to save energy costs. Depending on the type, size and output of the panel, homeowners can save up to 50% of their electric bills.


There are two ways to harness sunlight. These are:

  1. Concentrated Solar Power – Thermal energy from the sun is harnessed directly through lenses or mirrors. As the name suggests, it concentrates the sunlight, making it more powerful. Concentrated sunlight is converted into heat, which is then directed into an engine. The engine powers a turbine. The turbine generates electricity.

This type of technology has the potential to generate a lot of electricity. However, it’s very costly. This is why they’re only used for large-scale projects.

  1. Photovoltaic systems – Panels are mounted on roofs or wide-open spaces. These absorb sunlight and converts it to electricity. This is one of the most widely available technologies. It’s also easier to install than turbines. This makes it a popular choice for homeowners and small businesses.

Australian Laws

The Australian government highly encourages people to use this type of energy. This is why the Solar Homes and Communities Plan was started. It aimed to give rebates to homeowners and business owners who install panels. The rebate could go as high as $8,000. This has been discontinued in June 2009. Today, feed-in tariffs are a common incentive in most states.

The Benefits

The first and obvious benefit from using this type of energy is that it’s environmentally-friendly. It’s derived from a clean, renewable source. It does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. They’re a great alternative to traditional sources of electricity such as coal and gas.

Homeowners are concerned by the installation costs of the panels. However, it’s an investment in your future. Not only will you end up paying a lot less on your electricity bill; you’ll help make the environment safer, too.

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