Tips on Finding the Best Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Best Makeup Artist

Every bride-to-be wants that bridal glow everybody talks about, and the way to achieve that is by hiring the best makeup artist for your wedding.

Whilst it’s true that your wedding celebration will start and end in one day, it doesn’t mean it won’t wear you out. And as the main celebrant, you want to look fresh all throughout the event. Luckily, your hair and makeup artist (HMUA) will make sure that your makeup is sweat-proof, smudge-proof and tear-proof.

Here are tips finding the best HMUA for your special day:

Do you have the similar style?

As a client, you want your makeup look to still look and feel like skin. You don’t want an overly done look with layers of product that make you feel like you’re wearing a mask. As a bride, you still need to look like yourself, only much more enhanced. Seek an HMUA that has a similar style like you do by checking out her online portfolio.

Are you comfortable with her?

You’ll be sitting for around an hour or two as your HMUA transforms you into a beautiful bride. Wouldn’t it better to have one that only does a great job in doing your make-up but one that’s also able to calm your nerves and your laugh?

What products are used?

Whether you’re a cosmetics enthusiast or not, it’s normal to browse for bridal looks online. In fact, some even save pictures on their mobile phone to request to their HMUA.

Tell your artist beforehand that you already have a look in mind and send copies of the pictures you saved. This way, they’ll know what products to use and they can start practising for the hairstyle that you want.

You’ve dedicated months preparing for your special day. That’s why you should be nothing but relaxed when your wedding day comes. Hire the best makeup artist to make you look and feel like the most beautiful bride on your special day.