What You Need To Know About Photo Booth Hire

Vintage photo booth hire is a modern kiosk that contains an automated camera and film processor. In traditional photo booths, they had a seat or bench to seat either one person or two people who are being taken a photo of. The chair is surrounded by a curtain for privacy and at the same time to ensure maximum exposure preventing outside interference. After money is put into the machine it will take a series of photos or one photo that will show a series of identical photos.

After it has taken the photos, the booth takes a few minutes to develop the film and prints them out to you. With the advent of technology it is much faster and printing is done after half a minute. Most modern photo booths include both video and still images and they use digital cameras. These newer models can produce stickers, postcards and other items with photographs on them.

Photo booth hire is an incredible way to document a special event. Events like weddings, birthdays and any festival event is a great time to hire a photo booth. Hiring photo booth has become a growing trend where you can provide your guests an incredible way to have fun and remember their time with you. Here are some tips of managing a photo booth hire.

Group shots

If guests go in a lone they will self-conscious and they might not enjoy it as much if they shared the booth with one or more people. This will loosen people up to enjoy it more and take more photos and there will be some of your guests who will go back with other guest just to get more photos. It is more natural and fun if more people get involved in the photo taking.

Booth butler

When you are Photo booth hire from a company they normally provide you with a booth butler. s/he works is to make sure the machine is working well and to help the members of your party to understand what they should do if they are confused or not sure what the instructions are. If you don’t have a booth butler you should print out instructions so that people can follow to ensure they can properly use it. Booth butlers also help in bringing order, when some people are being photographed the booth butler will ensure they are not distracted while they are in there.

Decorate the both

The Photo booth hire will be one of the main centres of attractions as many people will gravitate towards it to take photos. As you will having a lot of foot traffic going there you should decorate towards the theme of your event so that the whole place looks uniform. Also it will be easier for people to interact with it if they have the same decorations as the rest of the party.

Collect the photos

Ask your guests to take two or more identical photos. One will be for them while the other will be yours. For your photos ask your party guests to write something short for you to remember the day and how the event was for them as well. If you don’t have somewhere to collect the photos like a jar ask your guests to mail you their photos at the most convenient time for them.