Why It’s More Fun in Subic!

A first-class municipality in Zambales, Subic is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s known for its pristine beaches, breathtaking views, delicious local cuisines and fun-filled activities.

And because it’s just a three-hour drive away from Manila, the Freeport is also perfect for short vacations and weekend getaways.

Here are more reasons why it’s more fun to spend your summer in Subic:

JEST Camp – A jungle environment survival training

Have you ever pictured yourself being stuck in the middle of the jungle? Although it’s something no one wishes to experience in their lives, having formal training with basic life survival can be useful in times of an emergency.

JEST Camp is a jungle survival program created and implemented by the US Army to train its soldiers during the Vietnam War. They even commissioned indigenous Aetas to conduct the training because they have excellent survival skills in this kind of environment.

By applying for this training program, you’ll learn to improve your basic survival skills such as identifying which fruits and plants are safe to eat, starting a fire without any matches or lighters and turning bamboos into utensils.

Tree Top Adventure

If you’re into extreme sports, Tree Top Adventure is the one for you! Experience the thrill and excitement of getting to see just how big, beautiful and majestic nature is from above.

Tree Top adventure offers various rides such as the Superman Ride, Silver Surfer, Tree Drop Adventure, Canopy Ride and Interactive Free Fall Adventure.

Le Man’s Go-Kart

If you’re into go-karts, expect the best experience in Le Man’s Go Kart in this former US naval base. Located in front of the Subic Bay Yacht Club, along Rizal Highway, Le Man’s Go Kart is open from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm daily.

You can choose to ride a single-seat or a double-seat go-kart, whichever your more comfortable to try. For kids and adults who have no driving experience, riding double-seat kart is recommended.

And although it takes a bit of practice to master this activity, it’s surely an opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

When you go to Subic, it’s not all about the beach anymore. It’s about all the amazing things you can experience whilst you’re there! Visit Morefun’s website and see what else this place has for you!